Quit Smoking Reiki Certificate

Creator: Linda Colibert (Daelyn Wolf)

Prerequisites: None

Attunements: 1


The Quit Smoking Reiki attunement aims to offer energetic assistance and support with quitting smoking on a subconscious level and also to help reduce the damage from long-term smoking.


However, in order to get the best results from the use of these energies, as a first step you have to be committed and active in this process. You must already have a quit smoking plan and be at the stage where you truly want to quit.


The Quit Smoking Reiki may be able to help strengthen your willpower and to help you increase your determination in this process.


You will receive 1 attunement, a 7-page manual and certificate and lineage on request.


The energies of Quit Smoking Reiki are meant as an energetic support. You must have a plan of action to quit smoking and beware that energy healing does not guarantee any results. Quitting smoking may take several attempts until you finally quit.


    C$10.00 Regular Price
    C$5.00Sale Price
    What's Included?
    • Eligibility to become a Registered Healer with the International Natural Healers Association (RH, INHA); 

    • Eligibility to become a Registered Metaphysician with the World Metaphysical Association (RM, WMA);

    • Access to ongoing email support;

    • Manuals complete with instructions, symbols, etc...   (INSTANT DOWNLOAD);

    • You are passed on the ability to treat others;

    • Certificate with lineage details (emailed)

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