Magickal Shaman LightWorker Program Certificate

Creator: Linda Colibert (Daelyn Wolf)

Prerequisites: None

Attunements: 3


The Magickal Shaman LightWorker Program attunement course teaches some of the basic energetic principles of shamanism in 3 levels, each with an attunement.


Level 1 discusses how to take a spiritual journey, connects you to the energies of mother earth and talks about the rights of passage.


Level 2 teaches you how to reclaim your power, discusses protection and soul retrieval but most importantly helps to identify and clear negativity.


Level 3 assists in opening your third eye chakra and your crown chakra to enhance your psychic abilities and discusses healing with herbs and stones.


What may I gain from the Magickal Shaman LightWorker Program attunements?


  • Shamanic energetic connections.
  • Spiritual journeys and rights of passage.
  • Reclaim your power.
  • Protection and soul retrieval.
  • Enhanced psychic abilities.
    C$10.00 Regular Price
    C$5.00Sale Price
    What's Included?
    • Eligibility to become a Registered Healer with the International Natural Healers Association (RH, INHA); 

    • Eligibility to become a Registered Metaphysician with the World Metaphysical Association (RM, WMA);

    • Access to ongoing email support;

    • Manuals complete with instructions, symbols, etc...   (INSTANT DOWNLOAD);

    • You are passed on the ability to treat others;

    • Certificate with lineage details (emailed)

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