Imara Reiki Certificate

Creator: Barton Wendel

Prerequisites: Reiki Master

Attunements: 1


The Imara Reiki attunement is a strong form of Reiki that aims to clear karma, past lives, stubborn energetic blockages and increase and strengthen spiritual connections.


Imara Reiki uses no symbols, and the attunement process is simplified as well as the way to give treatments. It creates strong connections with spiritual guides and is very effective at healing past life traumas and deeply repressed emotions and issues. 


Imara Reiki aims to create and build strong spiritual connections with spiritual guides and also access memories (past life and this life) for both the Reiki practitioner and the client (if being used on someone else). The energy aims to reduce and heal the psychological effects of any past negative experiences, actions, and karma. 

Imara Reiki is also very effective and commonly used to heal deeply ingrained, repressed and buried emotional and spiritual traumas and issues. It is very good at working on problematic chakras that tend to get blocked.


What may I gain from the Imara Reiki attunement?


  • Strong Reiki energies to help clear stubborn blockages.
  • Past life and karma clearing.
  • Stronger connections with guides and spirit.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • No symbols and activated by intention.
  • Simple attunement process.
  • Increased personal and spiritual growth and development.




    C$10.00 Regular Price
    C$5.00Sale Price
    What's Included?
    • Eligibility to become a Registered Healer with the International Natural Healers Association (RH, INHA); 

    • Eligibility to become a Registered Metaphysician with the World Metaphysical Association (RM, WMA);

    • Access to ongoing email support;

    • Manuals complete with instructions, symbols, etc...   (INSTANT DOWNLOAD);

    • You are passed on the ability to treat others;

    • Certificate with lineage details (emailed)

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